Cuba - Island Out of Time

Cuba - Island Out of Time
Cigar manufacture, the old way. Pinar del Rio, western Cuba.
Tobacco farmer, Viñales Valley, Pinar del Rio. 
Proud father with son in the tobacco region of the Viñales Valley in Pinar del Rio. Viñales is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its mogotes, or karst formations, and a unique vernacular culture derived from Spanish, Indian, and African traditions.
Farm women in Pinar del Rio.
Butcher in Havana market. Cubans buy their groceries from small markets in their local neighborhoods.
Street scene, Havana.
Time stopped for many formerly wealthy families when the Cuban Revolution declared victory in 1956. 
Mother and daughter at a street-side nail salon in Havana. Small, regulated private businesses have started to appear with a slight loosening of central planning.
Dancers enjoy a brief break at the highly respected Alicia Alonso School of Ballet, Havana. Alonso's company became the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in 1955. Cuba is renowned worldwide for the high quality of its ballet.
1950s era vehicles are ubiquitous on Cuban streets.
Street scene, Havana.
The window is open, but the view is still limited.